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Meeting Date: 1/15/2020 - 6:00 PM
Category: Report on Contracts
Type: Info/Action
Subject: Genesis Center
Enclosure: Genesis Center
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Genesis Center Adult Education.docx
Summary: The Genesis center will support the District with adult job training for unemployed and underemployed adults. It will be expected to meet mutually agreed upon benchmarks and performance targets.

The District in collaboration with the Genesis Center has reviewed the following performance metrics.

Performance Metrics:

• Number of participants recruited (target 50)
• Number of participants enrolled (target 25)
• Number of participants who complete and/or earn a certification (target 20)
• Number of participants placed in employment (15)
• Participant survey data measuring satisfaction with the program (25)

It is expected that participants will improve their employment skills, pay scales and prospects for promotion in their job placements.
Funding: Carl D. Perkins V- Adult Education
Recommendation: Administration recommends School Board Approval.
Recommended By:
Signed By:
Ramon Torres - CTE Director
Signed By:
Cameron Berube - Executive Director of Teaching & Learning
Signed By:
Thomas P. Flanagan - Chief Academic Officer
Signed By:
Christopher Petisce - Acting Business Manager
Signed By:
Dorothy Smith - Interim Superintendent
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