TYPE: Physical Activity & Nutrition Subcommittee
DATE: 4/24/2019 TIME: 4:00 PM
LOCATION: Gilbert Stuart Middle School, 188 Princeton Ave, Providence, RI
DETAILS: Health Classroom
Providence School Board
Convene Meeting
1. Call to Order – 4:00 PM Action
Approve Agenda
2. Approve Agenda as presented Action
Approve Minutes
3. Approval of Minutes -- September 26, 2018 Action
Subcommittee Updates
4. Review of Progress to Date Info
5. Review of Current Goals Info
6. Wellness Committee Priorities/Revisiting Goals for subcommittee Info/Action
7. Opportunities with FSMC under new contract Info/Action
8. 2019/2020 Meeting Schedule Info/Action
Adjourn Meeting
9. Adjourn Meeting Action
Providence School Board